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Our Story

Taste of Passion & Quality

Danceontheflour is the brainchild of Pastry Chef Emmett Ng. Realising his passion for culinary arts around his teen years, he went on to pursue his dreams by attending Le Cordon Bleu after his conscription. Achieving distinction in both discipline of cuisine and pastry, Emmett is successfully awarded the prestigious Le Grand Diplome.


During his years overseas, he has managed to score work with Hatted Restaurants in Sydney, Australia such as Otto Ristorante and The Bather's Pavilion. As he spent his years training and studying in Sydney, he also managed a pop-up every weekend at the famous Bondi Farmer's Market. That was the true beginning of the brand. 

As Emmett was exposed to all the beautiful produce and people through his weekly stint at Bondi Farmer's Market, he was inspired to cherish and celebrate every produce for its beauty and stories. His greatest mentor to date is Kumiko Endo, the head pastry chef for Tetsuya and Attica. She inspires him to celebrate produce with creativity, finesse and culture; for which he wishes to replicate through his work. For now, he goes about this via his curated desserts and private dining experiences which proves to be a popular hit among clients. 

As an award winning Contemporary Dance choreographer and instructor, Emmett wishes to find a point where both dance and food could converge and celebrate it's language with the masses. 

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